George Sampson's hair transplant 'massive success'

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  • 27 April 2017
George Sampson

George Sampson and his hair transplant surgeon (c) Twitter

George Sampson told fans that his recent hair transplant has been a "success"

George Sampson's hair transplant was a "massive success."

The former 'Britain's Got Talent' winner - who picked up the trophy in 2008 - underwent the £9,000 procedure, which saw a robot pluck up to 2,000 hairs from the back of his head and then a surgeon replant them by hand, on Wednesday (26.04.17) afternoon at the Juvida clinic in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Taking to his Twitter account after the procedure, he said: "'Had the best day ever thanks to wonderful people of @juvidaclinics... the transplant was a massive success and now recovery begins... (sic)"

The 23-year-old dancer - who made a name for himself spinning on his head and back flipping across the stage - revealed he was planning to have the hair transplant, despite his youthful age, because he'd started to go bald as a result of breakdancing.

He said earlier this week: "It [dance] helped me get where I am. But it's left me bald on top. When I was 14 I wasn't that bothered because I wore hats. But I'm older now. I tried herbal remedies, steroids. It got so bad my girlfriend worried about me bowing at shows in case it was visible. Image is a massive part of what I do."

But it wasn't just his hair that suffered as a consequence of his head-spinning moves as doctors warned him that his breakdancing could leave his crippled as he suffers with Scheuermann's disease, a curvature of the spine that hits teenagers.

The condition left George blind for two months when he was 14 years old.

He said at the time: "The eye was all inflamed. I'd been using Deep Heat for my sore back, so at first I just thought I'd got it in my eye.

"But I ended up blind. The spinal nerves were trapped and it affected my optic nerves. I lost all my co-ordination and it was really hard to dance, as I didn't have my balance. I kept bumping into everything."

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