Crossed Wires highlights Glasgow's electronic music scene

Crossed Wires highlights Glasgow's electronic music scene

Two-day festival features Clip Art, Cru Servers, Iona Fortune, GK Machine, and a local label mart

Electronic music production in Glasgow is in such good shape at the moment that its own festival has arrived, with nearly 30 producers and DJs represented here at this two-day event organised by the Flying Duck's in-house programmer Tom Clarke – appearing himself under his alias Mr TC, a sometime recording artists on the city's peerless Optimo Music label.

'There's an amazing amount of great electronic music being made in Glasgow right now and I just thought it would be a good idea to get as many people as possible in one place to celebrate that,' says Clarke. 'The scene's very strong here, people are very supportive in coming to each other's shows and things like Green Door Studio, Rubadub and the Grass Roots Glasgow initiative mean that electronic music is easily demystified for people who want to find out about it. Glasgow's really good for having live sets as part of club nights as well, so there's a platform for people to share the sounds they're making. Crossed Wires is just a place for all of that to amalgamate in one big party, I guess.'

Across eight-hour sessions on Friday and Saturday night, 18 live artists and nine DJs will appear, including diverse and established names like Clip Art, Cru Servers, Iona Fortune, GK Machine, Sofay and Becky Marshall. 'Cucina Povera and Lo Kindre are making totally unique and mind-blowing music,' says Clarke, 'and Sordid Sound System is probably one of my favourite electronic acts in the world, let alone just Glasgow. The mysterious guys from Baggy Clobber are pretty good too.' Although Clarke himself plays with a four-piece live band featuring members of Lo Kindre, Whilst and Chump ('I never really know how to describe the music I make, but I'd say some kind of leftfield dance music with a psychedelic influence') he'll just be DJing here. There will also be a local label mart during the day on Saturday.

'The great thing about the scene in Glasgow is that there isn't really a "sound",' says Clarke. 'People take influence from everywhere and everyone seems to do their own thing. One thing I'd say is that Glasgow has more of a leaning towards combining electronic music with other genres – thinking of acts like Golden Teacher, Whilst, Sordid Sound System, Junto Club, Pleasure Bent and my own, that whole "live electronic music played by a band" thing seems to happen more here than anywhere else. Those scenes overlap in Glasgow, it's not weird for someone who plays in a guitar band to make techno as well. I'm just looking forward to having so much great music happening in one place this weekend, and once it's over maybe we can think of doing it again in the future.'

Crossed Wires is at the Flying Duck, Glasgow, Sat 29 and Sun 30 Apr.

Crossed Wires

A live electronic weekender across two stages, with live and DJ sets by 12th Isle (DJ), Baggy Clobber, Becky Marshall (DJ), Clip Art, Cru Servers, Cucina Povera, The DDN, Dick 50, Domestic Exile (DJ), GK Machine (DJ), Iona Fortune, Jason Kerley, J Hill A, Joe Germlin, Junto Club, Kelora (DJ), Kleft, Kübler-Ross, Lo…

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