Lower Than Atlantis' Mike Duce: I'm not any good at singing

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  • 27 April 2017
Lower Than Atlantis

Lower Than Atlantis

Lower Than Atlantis frontman Mike Duce doesn't consider himself to be a "good" singer despite being the lead vocalist in the alternative rock band

Lower Than Atlantis' Mike Duce doesn't think he's "any good" at singing.

The 28-year-old rocker's voice has transformed since the band's heavier days - especially on latest album 'Safe in Sound' - but he doesn't consider himself a singer and says he just does it by "default" as the frontman.

Asked when he discovered his singing voice, he exclusively told BANG showbiz: "Oh man, I am not a f***ing singer, I am a songwriter. I am a singer by default. I get the job done, I don't reckon I am any good. I do what needs to be done. so never is the answer."

The 'Had Enough' group's latest record reached number eight in the official UK chart, but Mike insists they are not in the music industry to top the charts, though it's nice to know that after a decade as a band they are "still on the up".

Mike - who is joined by bassist Declan Hart, guitarist Ben Sansom and drummer Eddy Thrower in the group - said: "It's not really important. We don't do this for validation. We did this for so long and no one gave a f***. It's not the reason we are doing it, but it is nice to know. A lot of our friends' bands have broken up or they don't play music anymore and the one thing I take from the chart position is that after 10 years we are still on the up. It's still going well for us."

Meanwhile, Mike revealed they plan on re-releasing their first two records, 'Far Q' and 'World Record' after they bought the rights to them again.

He said: "We recently bought back the rights to our first two albums. That will be cool. We are probably going to do some re-release later on down the line. Like re-release them. So they will almost be like new albums for the new fans."

Lower Than Atlantis will co-headline 2000 Trees Festival with Slaves in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire on Saturday July 8.

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