Lauren Pope had fling with Dan Edgar

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  • 27 April 2017
Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope thinks sparks will fly between her and Dan Edgar when she returns to 'The Only Way is Essex' next week because they had a fling before she moved away from Essex in 2015

Lauren Pope had a fling with Dan Edgar.

The 34-year-old businesswoman is set to return to 'The Only Way is Essex' - the show that made her famous - next month following two years away from the screens and has admitted she has her eye on the dark-haired hunk as they have history together.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, the blonde beauty said: "You can't deny that Dan Edgar is still stunningly beautiful. We had a little fling, if you can call it that, but it fizzled out when I moved away from Essex. We left it on really good terms. He's nice and chilled out."

And, although she feels like she's grown up a lot more since she turned her back on the programme in 2015, Lauren is convinced she'll still be involved in the drama.

She explained: "Probably because I feel like it follows me whether I want it or not. The people that I had the drama with last time round aren't there now so hopefully I'll find it more enjoyable which is why I'm more excited to go back. It's a fresh, clean slate and that old drama won't be dragged up again."

Just before she walked away from the ITVBe show, Lauren fell out with her best friend Chloe Sims over love rat Mario Falcone, but she's hoping they can go back to the way they were before now that they've made peace and buried the hatchet.

She said: "It's taken some work. We're in a good place now as we have the fun and the jokes back in our friendship, so now we just have to build on that. We may fall out but when we make up, we just go back to how it was."

Lauren will appear in the show's finale on May 3.

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