Housemates clean up

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  • 13 June 2008

Alexandra being abusive

Housemates have been cleaning the 'Big Brother' house while listening to motivational music this morning (13.06.08, 11.15am).

Ladies' man Dale emerged from the Diary Room to announce everyone had to don white hooded overalls and rubber gloves before getting to work on the messy house.

But troublemaker Alexandra refused to help her fellow housemates out in the one-hour session and continued to eat her boiled egg.

She said: "The zip on my suit's broken. Me and Kat will do the kitchen later."

The nightmare housemate - who was kicked out of school for bullying and smoking cannabis according to reports - also called Sylvia and Rebecca "losers" for accessorising their overalls with belts.

But Alex later chipped in by cleaning the dining chairs.

Big Brother began the background music with 'Ride of the Valkyries'.

Camp Scot Dennis vacuumed the living area and basic bedroom while Rex, Stephanie and Mohamed tidied up.

Dale wiped the mirrors, glass and camera lenses around the house and blind cross dresser Mikey cleaned the taps in the bathroom.

Jennifer said: "This has got to be my favourite task yet."

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