Ashley James reduced to tears by 'sexist' taxi driver

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 27 April 2017
Ashley James (c) Instagram

Ashley James (c) Instagram

Reality TV star Ashley James has revealed she felt like a "cheap w***e" after a taxi driver took a photograph of her boobs

Ashley James felt like a "cheap w***e" after a taxi driver took a photograph of her boobs.

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star has revealed the "sexist" cab driver took a snap of her cleavage while she was en route to DJ at an event for the lingerie chain Boux Avenue, which led her to change into a more conservative outfit once she arrived at the bash.

In a lengthy Instagram post on Wednesday (26.04.17), Ashley explained: "Let's talk about body confidence (and sorry for the long rant). Tonight someone said to me that they really enjoy the fact that I'm open and accepting of my body. It was kind of ironic because tonight, on the way to DJ for the @bouxavenue lingerie event, my cabbie turned around and took a photo of my boobs. I was already quite uncomfortable with my outfit, and then I was made to feel like a cheap w***e. (sic)"

Ashley admitted that the incident reduced her to tears, but she also expressed regret that she'd allowed her thinking to have been influenced by the "sexist a******e".

She continued: "I succumbed to the slut shaming, broke down in tears, and then got changed at the event into something that didn't feel me. Later, I realised I'd allowed some sexist a******e dictate how I should feel about my NATURAL GOD-GIVEN body so I got changed again. The road to body acceptance and confidence is hard, which is why I thought I'd share this story with you, but I'm trying. Thanks to all the awesome men and women who pep-talked me back to confidence tonight. (sic)"

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