Darnell's dishes ditty

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  • 13 June 2008

Darnell listening to other housemates

Darnell has composed a song about washing up.

The songwriter - who was deported from the US for gang related crimes - came up with the tune while doing the washing up this morning (13.06.08).

It goes: "Plastic cups, pots and pans,

I'm washing these dishes as fast as I can,

See how I scrub just to get that shine,

Washing dishes representing B-Bro 9,

Washing dishes, doop doop,

Washing dishes, doop doop,

Everybody's doing it, washing up and... d'oh!"

The shy albino said the reason he did the washing up so early was because he didn't want his fellow housemates' high spirits to dampen when they woke up.

Darnell - who won the housemates' 'BB's Got Talent' show as rap act B-unit with Rex - recently blew mum-of-one Jennifer away with his voice, nearly bringing her to tears.

He confessed he felt people only compliment him on his vocal talents because of his albinism, a genetic condition which makes his skin and hair white.

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