Wullie Whittington (4 stars)

Tron Theatre, Glasgow

The pitch Young Wullie Whittington is ready to take the leap from being last year’s understudy to this year’s romantic lead in the self-referential world of the Pantosphere. His chief obstacle is that his singing’s as flat as a pancake and it looks as if his second cousin twice removed, Dick Whittington - a genuine Principal Boy - will return to claim top prize as chief champion chanter in the XY Factor. Disillusionment and dirty tricks follow before our banished hero returns to save the day.

The verdict For the freshest plots, silliest gags and most tireless of ensembles, you really can’t beat the Tron’s bijou seasonal offerings. Even without arch-ironist Forbes Masson on board, this year’s panto by Gordon Dougall and Fletcher Mathers is a postmodern treat that lays bare the ‘facts of panto life’, exposing the ‘dangers of having casual duets’, and still delivers the full quota of hissing and booing.

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