Andi Oliver says she got Great British Menu job for being a 'middle-aged black woman'

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  • 25 April 2017
Andi Oliver

Andi Oliver

Andi Oliver has revealed she thinks she landed 'Great British Menu' job because she is a 'middle-aged black woman'

Andi Oliver is convinced she only nabbed the judging job on the 'Great British Menu' because she's a "middle-aged black woman."

The 53-year-old singer - who used to front 'Kitchen Cabinet' on the airwaves - has made the jump from radio to TV to join the team on the cookery show and she thinks one of the reasons why she was chosen for the gig was because of her skin colour.

Speaking to the Radio Times magazine, she said: "Well, one of the reasons is because I'm a black woman, and not only that, I'm a middle-aged black woman. So hooray for being a middle-aged woman on TV for a start. But a middle-aged black woman on TV, double hooray!"

Andi's beliefs aside, she admits she has found a new lease of life.

She said: "I'm 53 and on a whole new route in my life. I feel like a newborn thing and I think at this age, a lot of people expect the opposite. I think its luck, but also its passion. If you give everything you have got, you will find a way through. I have never trained for anything."

And this revelation might spark some to criticise her expertise in cookery but she stressed: "I know what I'm talking about. I'm passionate about my subject, so I don't think it is tokenism. I'm there for a real reason and there for the whole picture. And I'm really happy about that."

But in taking over from Prue Leith on the prime-time BBC two show, where she joins food critic Matthew Fort and restaurateur Oliver Peyton, Andi admits it's left her feeling both delighted and nervous.

She said: "I was over the moon to be asked. I felt nervous, but when I walked in and sat down with Oliver and Matthew, it was like a dream. They are so lovely! Matthew is so posh! Oliver is so kind too, and they have both really gone above and beyond."

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