Stephanie Davis 'cried for hours' when Jeremy McConnell agreed to rehab

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  • 24 April 2017
Stephanie Davis (c) Twitter

Stephanie Davis on This Morning (c) Twitter

Stephanie Davis has admitted she couldn't stop sobbing when her boyfriend Jeremy McConnell agreed to check into rehab for his drug and alcohol addiction

Stephanie Davis "cried for hours" when Jeremy McConnell agreed to enter rehab.

The 26-year-old heartthrob agreed to seek professional help for his drug and alcohol addiction at the beginning of April for six weeks and the brunette beauty has admitted she couldn't stop sobbing when he told her he was going to check into a medical facility because she feared he'd slowly kill himself on the path he was on.

Speaking on 'This Morning' on Monday (24.04.17), she said: "I'm really proud of him, it's been a long time coming, it's hard for everyone to listen to but I love him and when you love someone and you're in a relationship, obviously it's on a different scale because were in the public eye and we haven't helped ourselves.

"Jeremy has finally admitted he needed help and I cried for hours because it was a weight off my shoulders, I was watching the man I loved slowly kill himself and there was nothing I can do. I'm really really proud, e's sorting his life out."

The couple met when they both competed on 'Celebrity Big Brother' in January 2016 but, following a series of blazing rows over infidelity, they split five months later.

The 24-year-old actress then found out she was pregnant but Jeremy refused to believe the baby - who is now three months old - belonged to him until he was born.

After months of tit-for-tat, it was finally revealed - three weeks after the baby was born in January this year - that Jeremy is actually little Caben's biological father.

The couple then decided to give their relationship another go for the sake of the tiny tot and, although she doesn't know what the future will hold, Stephanie believes Jeremy, 27, is the love of her life and she will continue to stand by his side.

She explained: "We are together. I can't sit here and say it's gonna happen in a year's time, five years, 10 years, but right now we're taking it day by day. He wants to be a good dad and put the wrongs right ... I love Jez, I think that's plain to see, I'm proud of him and I take my hat off to him because to admit you've got a problem and do something, that takes guts. Already speaking to him is such a difference. It breaks my heart too because the drug addiction was just the tip of the iceberg, all that stuff that happened had to get broken down and built back up but he wants to be a good dad to Caben and I love him, everyone deserves a second chance."

Stephanie believes Jeremy's problems stemmed from his childhood - during which time he lost his mother, brother and sister in the space of 15 months - and then losing his father last month and auntie shortly afterwards was the tip of the iceberg.

She said: "I think what people don't understand with addiction, it's really really hard, people with addiction, it's either everything is great or I can't deal with this, there's no grey area. Jez was like I've not got a problem, I know what the problem is. You can't help someone until they want to help themselves, it was a vicious circle."

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