Louisa Johnson treats her fans like her sisters with bullying support

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  • 24 April 2017
Louisa Johnson

Louisa Johnson

Louisa Johnson likes to remind victims of bullying about their self-worth and treats her fans like her sisters when it comes to giving advice

Louisa Johnson treats her fans as if they were her "sister" when it comes to giving advice about bullying.

The 19-year-old singer - who won the 'X Factor' in 2015 - had to endure cruel taunts herself at school and is passionate about providing support to any of her followers who are going through the same thing to reassure them of "their worth".

She said: "When I was little, about my sister's age now, I was bullied at school and I would never ever want her to feel that way.

"That's why I treat my fans like they are also my sister; or even my sister's friend because no one should be treated that way.

"I try to get the message across to my younger fans that they are worth even living, because you never know what they are thinking. There has been quite a few messages and I try to get back to everyone. I'm not doing this to try and get attention and I'm not setting out to be a role model at all, but people need to know their worth."

And the 'Best Behaviour' hitmaker also revealed that despite being successful in her music career since becoming the youngest contestant to win the ITV show with former judge Rita Ora, she still has her down days.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "I still have my s**t days, it still happens but you just have to remind yourself of what you have, and I have a great family supporting me."

Meanwhile, Louisa - who collaborated on track 'Tears' with Clean Bandit - has hopes to explore different music for her second album and would love to work with Eminem.

She said: "I love so many different styles of music, where I grew up it was always about rap music. I always grew up listening to rap, Eminem before he even became commercial and garage I absolutely love, it would be great to explore and consider doing that. If I could work with anyone it would be Eminem. I always loved rapping growing up."

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