Aladdin (4 stars)

King’s Theatre, Glasgow

The pitch Rather more the story of Wishee Washee, a redundant shepherd trying to break into his mother’s laundry business, than of his brother Aladdin who falls foul of the wicked Abanazar after failing to get a magical lamp out of a cave. Amid flying carpets, time bends and appearances by a virtual Elaine C Smith later, it all ends with three weddings and an incarceration. Not forgetting community singing, sweet throwing and dancing girls, of course.

The verdict With god-like panto genius Gerard Kelly twisting his ankles, raising his eyebrows and generally sweeping the audience off its feet, nothing can go wrong. Nor is it likely to with such strong support all round, notably from Eric Potts as a down-and-dirty dame, Julie Wilson Nimmo as a chattering So Shy and Steven McNicoll and Gavin Mitchell as a knockabout double-act. They’re easily good enough for you to forgive the dated references to the Teletubbies, the Proclaimers and Lynne Truss.

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