The Courteeners' daily rows

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  • 22 April 2017
Liam Fray

Liam Fray

Liam Fray admits he and his Courteeners bandmate Daniel 'Conan' Moores argue every day about small things

The Courteeners argue every day.

The group members - Liam Fray, Daniel 'Conan' Moores and Michael Campbell - met when they were 10 years old and formed a band while still at school, but their familiarity means they constantly squabble about trivial matters.

Singer Liam admitted: "Me and Conan fight every day. It might just be a glare, I'll have done something wrong, y'know, like used the last teabag or left the milk out.

"Does it get physical? No, no. But when we were in school together we'd fight all the time. Who won? Always him."

Despite performing in front of huge crowds, Liam admits he is actually very "shy" and feels uncomfortable in social situations.

He said: "I get embarrassed all the time, I'm really bad at social situations - being around somebody's house or even with my family.

"I can't fully relax and I retreat a bit because I get embarrassed by the smallest things.

"Ironically, I'm very, very shy. It's crazy, I get anxious about loads of stuff apart from standing on stage with a guitar around my neck in front of loads of people."

The 'Not Nineteen Forever' singer always takes the time to reflect on how grateful he is for the success he's had at the end of every day, but also needs his wind-down time to make a thorough list for what he needs to do the following morning.

Asked the last thing he does every day, he told Q magazine: "I know it sounds a bit cheesy but ever since I've been little, maybe because I went to a Catholic school, I'll sit down and think how grateful I am for all this.

"But also, I'm a big list writer so I'll write things down like, '8 o'clock - shower, 8.15 - coffee'. Like I'd forget to make a f**ing coffee. But if it's on the list, I'd have to do it.

"So it's great when you've had a few drinks and you wake up in the morning and you're like, 'What the f**k does that say?"

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