Ivgi and Greben discuss their latest work Each Other, a world premiere for Scottish Ballet

Scottish Ballet: Each Other

Choreographer duo Uri Ivgi and Johan Greben bring their artistic wares to Scotland

You can say one thing for choreographic duo Ivgi and Greben: they practise what they preach. Working together with dance companies around the world for almost 15 years, the two men inevitably have artistic disagreements, but a harmonious reconciliation is never far away. So when they turn up in Glasgow to create a new work for Scottish Ballet about tolerance in the face of dispute, you know it comes from the heart.

'After all these years, working together is a very natural process,' says Johan Greben. 'When we first started to collaborate, we needed to raise our voices and say "This is what I want to do!", but over time that has shifted. We are not so important anymore, but the work is – we treat it like a third person.'

Inspired by the fear-driven desire of people in countries around the world to close their borders, put up walls and revert to some other place in time, Each Other fuses Scottish Ballet's neo-classical sensibility with Ivgi and Greben's contemporary language. Hundreds of pairs of shoes will litter the stage, depicting lives once lived, as the piece explores division and reconnection – something equally important to them off-stage.

'It's like the relationship between a couple or between countries,' says Uri Ivgi. 'Johan and I are very different, I come from Israel, he comes from Holland; we have such a different mentality and temperament. But we always find each other somehow.' 'Yes,' concurs Greben, 'we're a good example, we always work things out, we don't divorce and we don't build borders.'

Tramway, Glasgow, Fri 21 & Sat 22 Apr.

Scottish Ballet: Each Other

A brand new commission from up-and-coming Israeli-Dutch choreographic duo, Ivgi an Greben.

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