Secret garden search

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  • 12 June 2008

Rachel wearing a black zip top

Rachel believes there is a secret garden in the 'Big Brother' grounds.

The sweet-natured Welsh beauty concluded there has to be another garden when she couldn't find the strawberry plant, which Big Brother insisted was outside.

Excitable Rebecca emerged from the Diary Room and told fellow housemates Big Brother has confirmed the plant exists.

A search began this afternoon (12.06.08, 1.45pm) - during which Rebecca incorrectly identified a tree as the strawberry plant - but it proved fruitless.

Other housemates suggested a tomato plant could have been what they were looking for.

Retiring Darnell said the plants were probably by the rhubarb and that the red fruit may not be in season.

But trainee teacher Rachel decided "there must be another garden", prompting loud-mouthed Rebecca to speculate it could be hidden behind the mirrors like a "mirage".

Rebecca was called back to the garden after unsuccessfully testing out her theory by walking straight into the mirrors.

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