Joan Clevillé on his new work, The North

Joan Clevillé Dance: The North

New text-based work from Dundee-based group

Dance and the spoken word don't always make good bedfellows. But when the newly formed Joan Clevillé Dance gave its debut performance in 2015, it proved that in the right hands the two can be beautiful companions.

Plan B for Utopia was a moving, funny exploration of our hopes and dreams, and after two years of touring, Clevillé has created another text-based work to share with us: The North.

'I love the interplay between movement and text, and feel that text can often help audiences who are not so familiar with dance to engage with the work,' he says. 'With this new show, the performers do not address the audience directly, but we watch them interact with each other as characters inhabiting their own world.'

Following one young man's search for his own identity, The North is more about human experience than geography. Choreographed by Clevillé in conjunction with the show's three performers (including Solène Weinachter and John Kendall, both wonderful in Plan B for Utopia), the show was partly influenced by the landscape and light of the far north.

'The north which we describe in the piece is a place of the imagination, a liminal space somewhere between a limbo and a waiting room,' explains Clevillé. 'There's definitely a Nordic feel to the work, but it's open, desolate and unpredictable. I wanted to evoke a sense of disorientation, of being humbled by an environment that is stronger than us, and having to let go in order to survive.'

Tramway, Glasgow, Fri 12 & Sat 13 May.

Joan Clevillé Dance: The North

A young man finds himself in the wilderness of the North with only two eccentric Northerners for company. Contemporary dance, physical theatre and puppetry piece with an eclectic soundtrack.