Eamonn Holmes went back to work 'too soon' after hip op

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  • 17 April 2017
Eamonn Holmes (c) Twitter

Eamonn Holmes (c) Twitter

Eamonn Holmes has admitted he probably went back to work "too soon" after he underwent his double hip replacement

Eamonn Holmes thinks he went back to work "too soon" after his double hip replacement.

The 57-year-old presenter was forced to go under the knife last year after his joints started to crumble and, although he underwent intensive rehab, he thinks he returned to his hosting duties on 'This Morning' with his wife Ruth Langsford too early after the surgery.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "I'm feeling well rested. I went back to work probably too soon. It was such a major operation but I feel really good a whole year on. I still have physio three times a week for neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain. It's amazing what your hips affect. They wore out. They wouldn't have been perfect in the first place and I was told at 27 to get them done. I spent half of my life putting it off. I wished I'd have done it in my 40s. I was back after six or seven weeks. It was too early. You are self-employed freelance so you have to earn money."

And, although he can now move around with a walking stick, the Irish journalist has admitted he still doesn't feel "100 per cent" but thinks he'll be back to full health within two years.

He explained: "I don't feel 100 per cent no, but I feel 95 per cent. Everyone is different but I definitely think you need a good two years. I'm grand now, but I do think when you get two done at once you need at least a year and a half and then it will be fine."

Eamonn was advised by doctors to take things easy but his wife Ruth kept pushing him.

He joked: "She would say you've go to do more physio and more exercise. She would say you are not good at sleeping, you should sleep more. There were dark times. But it has ended up really well with your physique and statue and it's building up the stamina now and the muscles."

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