Juana Molina: Halo (4 stars)

Juana Molina: Halo

Surreal electronic folk-pop from Argentinian singer-songwriter

The cover of Halo has Juana Molina's eyes staring out from the epiphysis of a leg bone: a good visual analogue for the Argentinian's surreal electronic folk-pop. The album teems with intoxicating rhythms and woozy synths, taking occasional turns towards the uncanny, such as on 'Lentismo Halo' with its atmospheric drift and jarring guitars. 'Cosoca' is perhaps closest to the sound of Molina's earlier albums, with its looped acoustic guitar and odd harmonies, but it's souped-up with live drums and electronics. 'Calculos Y Oraculos' is a marvel, its gorgeous bossa nova-influenced melody floating over synths that burble and sigh.

Out Fri 19 May on Crammed Discs.

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