Harry Styles' solo album tracklist and release date revealed

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  • 13 April 2017
Harry Styles [Instagram]

Harry Styles [Instagram]

Harry Styles will release his debut solo album on May 12 and it appears as if it will be simply called 'Harry Styles'

Harry Styles will release his debut solo album on May 12.

The 23-year-old singer has taken to Instagram to share the tracklist for the record and reveal its release date.

Songs on the 10-track album include his debut solo single 'Sign of the Times', along with tunes including 'Meet Me In The Hallway', 'Carolina', 'Two Ghosts', 'Sweet Creature', 'Only Angel', 'Kiwi', 'Ever Since New York', 'Woman' and 'From The Dining Table'.

And it appears as if the album will be simply called 'Harry Styles' as he included the caption: "HARRY.STYLES //12.MAY.17// (sic)."

Harry also shared two new pictures of himself, shirtless in a pool of pink water.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Harry compared releasing his new music to giving birth.

The One Direction heartthrob admitted that branching out on his own away from the band has left him feeling "vulnerable".

He recently explained: "It's very much like giving birth - without the pain, obviously. It was very exciting. It was nerve wracking. Also, very exciting to have a job again.

"But I think honestly, any time you are putting something out that's kind of a piece of you, I guess it's quite a vulnerable feeling. But it is exciting. I like it. And I think that helps in terms of the nerves. I think if I was putting something out that I didn't like, then I'd be much more nervous."

But his solo career got off to a shaky start when a Spotify glitch prevented users from listening to the track.

A source explained: "This is a nightmare start for Harry's solo career and his record label won't be happy.

"The Spotify malfunction meant many of his fans simply couldn't find his song to listen to online when they searched for it.

"The potential ramifications are big and it's likely he has missed out on hundreds of thousands of streams as a result. That could really affect his chart position.

"Harry's launch is one of the industry's biggest this year and everyone expected him to hit the ground running by topping the charts."

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