Interview: C Duncan – 'Edinburgh audiences are generally great. It's quite a musical place'

Interview: C Duncan – 'Edinburgh audiences are generally great. It's quite a musical place'

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Scottish composer and musician looks forward to performing tracks from his new album, Midnight Sun on upcoming tour

C Duncan has had a busy year. Following the release of affirmingly reviewed second album The Midnight Sun and a string of dates supporting rockers Elbow on their recent shows across the UK ('it was pretty exciting to be with them'), he's back on the road to continue his own headline tour which includes a return to the capital. 'Edinburgh audiences are generally great. It's quite a musical place and there's a lot of people who turn out to gigs. Everyone seems to be pretty appreciative.'

Building on the lushly textured soundscape of first release Architect, and with band in tow ('it's lovely to have the company!' he jokes, referring to his habitual process of working solo in his own studio where he both writes songs and paints), the classically-trained composer is eagerly anticipating switching it up a bit on stage with some of his newer material, which he admits is 'great fun' to perform.

'The Midnight Sun is very different to the first album to perform because there's much more synchronised stuff going on, but it's really nice to have a second album to play about with on stage. I sometimes like to switch between the guitar stuff to the much more electronic stuff; it keeps it interesting.' Named after an episode of The Twilight Zone (a recurring inspiration: stage entries have occasionally been soundtracked by dialogue from the show), The Midnight Sun has a suitably eerie, glacial beauty. Performed live, it's likely to be a shivers-down-the-spine treat for both the Glaswegian's loyal fanbase and the newly enticed.

The Caves, Edinburgh, Sun 14 May.

C Duncan

Scottish singer-songwriter nominated for a Mercury Award.

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