Jennifer's Dale denial

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 12 June 2008

Dale lounging in the house

Jennifer is not attracted to Dale because he is "dirty".

The stunning model - who P.E. teaching student Dale admitted he fancies - strongly denied she wanted a romance with the lothario.

She told Alexandra: "We don't like each other like that way, we're just friends honestly. He's not my type to be honest. He's been with 15 women - dirty!"

But despite the denial, the pair snuggled in the luxury bedroom and spent hours chatting.

The mum-of-one confessed to Dale she had a teenage crush on pop star Gareth Gates, saying she used to "fancy the pants off him" and was convinced she would marry the singer.

Dale said: "Someone told me I looked like him."

The ladies' man added how upset he was after Jen said she thought he spent time with her for the sake of the cameras.

He added: "I felt proper s**t when you told me about that. It isn't funny. It's not nice to think that someone you spend a lot of time with thinks that about you."

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