Introducing Scotland's newest book festival Open The Door

Introducing Scotland's newest book festival Open The Door

credit: Keith Hunter

A welcoming celebration of women writers from across the centuries

Named after seminal author Catherine Carswell's 1920 novel, Open the Door!, Scotland's newest literary festival is a welcoming celebration of women writers from across the centuries. Hosted by Glasgow Women's Library, Open the Door Festival will feature the brightest of the country's literary talent: Val McDermid, Maggie O'Farrell, Kirsty Logan, Leila Aboulela and Lesley McDowell across this one-day event. 'Open the Door promises an intimate, innovative literary feast,' says Adele Patrick, creative development manager at GWL. 'It's an acknowledgement of the unstoppable burgeoning in recent years of women in all literary fields in Scotland.'

It's not as though Scotland's literary heritage isn't well-known, but Open the Door is poised as an antidote to the often male-centric view of this country's cultural history. With more men on long and short lists for awards, and fewer books by women writers being reviewed, there is still a significant disparity between how female and male authors are treated.

'Open the Door will involve the unleashing of shared passions, a spotlighting of sources that fire the imaginations of established and emerging contemporary female literary lions,' says Patrick. The two main festival events will be a unique take on the literary tea party, where authors congregate to discuss their career and work. That's followed by a cocktail party-style salon with the chance to pick more authors' brains about their artistic influences.

Glasgow Women's Library, Sat 13 May.

Open the Door: Scotland's Women Writers Festival

Open the Door is Glasgow Women's Library's literary festival with a difference, celebrating contemporary women writers. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 edition of the festival goes online, featuring five days of talks, poetry slams, art showcases and more.