Jennifer's abortion opposition

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  • 11 June 2008

Jennifer debating in the house

Jennifer is disgusted at Prime Minister Gordon Brown's unwillingness to lower the abortion limit.

The gorgeous 'Big Brother' housemate has revealed her view on the controversial topic in a chat with hunky Dale and nerdy Luke (1.45pm) - who studies politics at university - this afternoon (11.06.08).

She said: "In most countries the limit is 20 weeks. Here it's 24 weeks. I think that's disgustingly vile that you can abort a six-month-old fetus."

Jen - a mother-of-one who is also strongly opposes animal cruelty and lenient immigration policies - said the PM's stance on the abortion limit was the main reason why she refuses to vote for the Labour Party.

But it's not only politics the part-time model has strong views on.

The 22-year-old told P.E. teaching student Dale she's obsessed with celebrities and loves buying showbiz magazines.

She said: "Oh no, I'm gonna miss Coleen's wedding pics! I hope me Mam saves it for me. I love OK. I don't buy Heat anymore though as it's gone a bit trashy."

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