Housemates' conspiracy theory

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 11 June 2008

Jennifer in the bedroom

Housemates believe new contestants are to enter the 'Big Brother' house.

The reality show contestants heard an excited crowd outside this afternoon (11.06.08), which they believe is another 'Big Brother' house.

Part-time model Jennifer heard the commotion when she was relaxing in the garden and insisted her fellow housemates be quiet so they could listen.

She said: "I told you. Can you not hear them? There's another house. It's very near as well. They're not very discrete, mind."

Lovebirds Mario and Lisa also heard noises and speculated about newcomers waiting to come in.

Mario said: "B****y hell. That was loud. They're a lively bunch. It could be people waiting to come in here and they've got them secluded."

The rest of the contestants then joined the eavesdroppers in the garden where they joined in the secret house discussion.

Dale asked: "You think they'll swap housemates?"

Mario answered: "I think they would."

Lisa later wondered if they would have to give up any of their luxury beds to accommodate new housemates.

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