Louise Thompson will get baby 'test run' from Binky Felstead

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  • 5 April 2017
Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson has admitted she'd love to have a baby with her boyfriend Ryan Libbey but is seeing Binky Felstead's little girl as a "test run" for them

Louise Thompson has admitted Binky Felstead's baby is a "test run" for her.

The 27-year-old beauty is keen to start a family with her boyfriend Ryan Libbey so is looking forward to being on hand to help out her friend and 'Made in Chelsea' co-star when she and partner Josh 'JP' Patterson welcome their daughter into the world later this year.

Louise admitted: "We talk about it a lot. Binky's baby will be a test run. I'll look after her lots.

"I'd better be a godparent.

"I have to admit [Binky's pregnancy] made me think about it a lot."

And Ryan, 26, admitted he thinks they are ready for a family because they have a "secure and loving relationship".

But while Binky and JP may be having a baby first, Louise believes she and Ryan will beat them down the aisle.

She said: "It will probably be us first. They won't get married for a while."

The couple - who are "about to move in together" - have been smitten with one another since they first met, even though the brunette beauty was dating someone else at the time.

She recalled: "I shouldn't say this because I was with someone else at the time but Ryan and I did really fancy each other [when we first met].

"I took him for dinner and we realised we were more than just friends.

"I went to his house and he lunged at me when I was sat on the kitchen counter."

But fitness coach Ryan is still struggling to get to grips with life in the spotlight.

He told LOOK magazine: "The way [our relationship has] been portrayed isn't fair. We're very happy and it's just a shame people think I'm insecure."

However, Louise is more understanding of the pitfalls of dating in the public eye.

She said: "I'm more immune now because I always think it can never be as bad as it was three years ago when I had a lot on my plate and I was dating some horrible people.

"I like that Ryan is protective - it shows he cares."

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