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  • 11 June 2008

Kathreya eating in the house

Kathreya will win 'Big Brother', according to housemates.

Sweet-natured Miss Wales runner-up Rachel and mum-of-one Jennifer said the public will love the nutty cookie fiend and will vote her the winner.

Prime Minister wannabe Luke agreed during the chat this morning (11.06.08), saying 'Big Brother' fans will be shouting Kat's catchphrase "cookie power" at each other in the street.

The bubbly Thai masseuse - whose dream is to travel the world tasting cookies from every country - is also the current bookies' favourite to win the £100,000 prize at odds of 7-2.

She has previously said she didn't enter 'Big Brother' for the money, but because she wanted people to know who she was.

During the conversation, Rachel added that her friends - which include former 'Big Brother' housemate Imogen Thomas who she competed with in a beauty contest - will love 20-year-old fuddy duddy Luke, who is up for eviction this week.

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