Paranoid picnic pair

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  • 11 June 2008

Rachel in her jump suit

'Big Brother' task winners Rachel and Dennis refused to eat their picnic prize yesterday (10.06.08).

The paranoid pair - who were the last two standing in an endurance task where they had to hold a light bulb on a board above their heads - thought if they ate food from the luxury hamper it would affect the food budget for the house.

Big Brother invited Welsh beauty Rachel and camp Scot Dennis into the garden to enjoy the food, which included strawberries, cookies and grapes - Rachel's favourite food.

Dennis said: "This could be a test! If we eat this, the other housemates could get nothing to eat!"

But Rachel was not so suspicious of Big Brother's generous gift and was keen to tuck in.

She said: "I think we're just supposed to enjoy it."

Rachel finally decided to agree with Dennis and eat rice with everyone else.

Big Brother later called the winners to the Diary Room to ask why they didn't eat their reward.

Big Brother added: "The thought that Big Brother might just do something nice didn't ever cross your mind?

"Big Brother provided you with a delicious picnic - it seems to Big Brother you had an attack of picnic paranoia.

"Big Brother gave you a long time to enjoy your delicious reward picnic. More fool you. Maybe next time you won't be so quick to try and second-guess Big Brother."

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