Dua Lipa's pinch yourself moments

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  • 30 March 2017
Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa has opened up about how surreal her career has been since exploding onto the scene with 2017's 'Hotter Than Hell'

Dua Lipa likes to "take a moment" to take in the precious moments of her career which whiz by.

The 'Scared To Be Lonely' hitmaker has had a whirlwind year rocking the charts and even being awarded NME magazine's Best New Artist accolade, but she admits sometimes it doesn't feel real and she has to "pinch herself".

In an interview with Interview magazine, she said: "Everything is at 200 miles an hour.

"Sometimes I just have to step back and take a moment. I have to pinch myself quite often."

The 21-year-old beauty is gearing up to release her debut album, which will be very honest as she admits she wants to be an "open book" for her fans.

She said: "I'm trying to be as much of an open book as possible and give the audience every single piece of me."

Dua recently said she has always been solely focused on making it in the music industry as she feels she would "lose sight of what she really wanted" if she hadn't had just the one goal.

She said previously: "I never had a plan B. Always set your intentions on your goal and just go for it. The second you feel like you have something to fall back on, you'll kind of lose sight of what you really want.

"That was something that was always really important to me, to never lose sight of my goal. And to never stop working. Just when you think that you've made it, there's always something else and you've got to keep going. If you want to be great at what you do, there's a lot more to be done."

The 'Hotter Than Hell' singer feels her new album will help her make room for more "memories".

She added: "I feel [with] this album, I've been holding onto so many memories and so many things that I've been singing about over and over.

"Stuff like 'Hotter Than Hell' or 'New Love,' - these are songs that just really take me so far back, and I'm ready to put them out in the world and let go of them. Now, once this album is out, there's room for new memories, new things to happen."

Dua Lipa's self-titled debut album is released on June 2.

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