Pete Wicks tried to contact ex again?

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  • 30 March 2017
Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks

Pete Wicks' ex-girlfriend Jacqui Ryland thinks he tried to follow her on Twitter shortly after his recent split from Megan McKenna

Pete Wicks' ex-girlfriend Jacqui Ryland has claimed he's tried to contact her again.

The 'Only Way is Essex' star is desperately trying to get back in his on/off partner Megan McKenna's good books after he was caught sending naughty messages to several girls late last year - including his former flame Jacqui - but it seems things are set to blow again because the brunette beauty has revealed she received a notification stating that Pete tried to follow her on Twitter recently in the early hours of the morning.

Speaking to OK! Online, Jacqui said: "There was an email recently that came through, where Pete had followed me on Twitter. He then must have had a change of heart - if it was him, it could have been someone else. But it was definitely his account.

"It came through at like quarter to one on a Sunday so I put it down to him being drunk or something like that. Maybe it was to get back at her and then he thought maybe this isn't a good idea.

"Then I thought it was her on his account trying to see if I would talk to him. But whoever it was they had a change of heart, because when I went to check I was blocked."

Although they have history, Jacqui - who runs her own fitness website - is adamant she'll never get back together with Pete because she wouldn't be able to trust him.

She explained: "I would never ever date Pete again. No way. I would never even have contact with him again. I just think if he can do that to a girl he was with in the public eye, imagine what he could get away with if they weren't."

Jacqui thinks Megan, who has dumped Pete numerous times over the course of their year-long relationship over trust issues, deserves so much better than the inked hunk.

She said: "Megan's really young, she's got so much ahead of her. I imagine her to be with a city man, like a banker. I think it'd probably be good for her to to have someone that isn't on the show.

"I can't imagine splitting up with somebody and having to continue to film with them. To be honest that's probably why they've been together this long - it's almost forced."

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