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  • 10 June 2008

Housemates competing in new task

Lisa, Rachel and Dennis are still competing in the first 'Big Brother' shopping task after almost two hours.

The tricky task - set this afternoon (10.06.08) - was for housemates to suspend a light bulb on a board above their heads without triggering a switch to turn the bulb on.

The last two housemates left standing will compete in a task to win a luxury shopping budget for the house tomorrow (11.06.08), as well as a mystery privilege for themselves.

Housemates were instructed to dress up in bizarre space age hooded cat suits for the challenge.

Steph, Luke and Mario were first out of the endurance game - which began at around 4.15pm - in under one minute.

Kathreya and Jennifer's light bulbs flashed shortly after the first three. Alexandra, Dale, Sylvia and Darnell followed a short while later.

Blind Mikey was disqualified for not removing the Velcro from his switch to activate the mechanism.

Steph - who was first out of the game - complained her light began to flash but she didn't lower her board.

She said: "Big Brother, my light is flashing and I haven't done anything!"

The 19-year-old blonde stunner earlier said she didn't want to be set a task today after the bad feeling in the house.

She added: "I don't want a task the day after an argument. I don't think it will go well."

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