Chris Bisson teases temptation for Jai

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  • 29 March 2017
Chris Bisson

Chris Bisson

Chris Bisson as admitted his 'Emmerdale' alter ego Jai Sharma is still struggling with his grief for Holly Barton

Chris Bisson has hinted his 'Emmerdale' alter ego could be tempted by drugs again.

The 41-year-old actor's alter ego Jai Sharma is still struggling over the death of secret girlfriend Holly Barton (Sophie Powles) from an overdose, and his grief could lead him back down a dark path.

He told OK! Online: "He's feeling lost and lonely.

"He's trying to get to grips with living a normal life and he's taking it step by step, day by day.

"There is a big void that has been left in his life, the death of Holly. And that's supplemented by a big dollop of guilt which he feels by not being able to look after her - he's carrying that burden around with him and he's struggling day-to-day.

"[Relapsing] is what he's most scared of.

"Relapsing into that world where he's taking drugs and using drugs as a painkiller again - which is what he was doing previously.

"He hated his life so much that he didn't want to be in touch own mind. It's a horrible thing but when you get down to reality of it, in his mind it was like a therapeutic use. He was so horrible the way he was, it gave him some sort of escapism.

"The consequence of that however is that it made him very nasty."

But there could be good things on the horizon for the factory boss when he meets newcomer Nell at a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting.

Chris said: "They meet at an NA meeting and they're both pouring their hearts out.

"These two characters get to know each other inner most thoughts and feelings. Nell's story really resonates with Jai because there are similarities to Holly's story.

"He's just poured his heart out about Holly and suddenly he can see this impending disaster happening to another person and he doesn't want that to happen again."

And Chris thinks Jai views helping Nell as redemption for what happened to Holly, while also keeping him on the straight and narrow.

He said: "There's all sorts of things going through Jai's mind - he feels guilty about not being able to protect Holly, he wonders all the time 'what if'.

"He's also got this hole in his life and he needs to feel some sort of purpose.

"I'm sure he wants to help Nell because he doesn't want her to start taking drugs again.

"But it's also therapeutic for him as well, its something he needs. It's not a completely selfless act."

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