Mikey's spider panic

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 June 2008

Mikey wearing a sun hat

Mikey panicked when a spider entered the 'Big Brother' house this afternoon (10.06.08).

Housemates squealed as the arachnid scuttled across the floor (3pm), which particularly flustered the blind cross-dresser as has a strong phobia of the eight-legged bugs.

He shouted: "I hate spiders. Kill it, step on it, get it away!"

The spider was taken into the garden in a wine glass, but Mikey was still scared.

He added: "It'll come back in again! We should have killed it!"

Kind-hearted Rachel tried to reassure the blind radio producer, while Somalian-born Mohamed insisted there were no dangerous spiders in the UK.

But Mikey - who was tipped as the favourite to win the reality show before cookie monster Kathreya overtook him- is not the only housemate to suffer from an irrational phobia.

Kathreya - who was born in Thailand - is afraid of the dark, heights and also has a dislike of feet.

And 19-year-old 'Popstars: The Rivals" reject Steph is frightened of bats and moths.

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