Brooke Vincent to tone down accent?

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  • 29 March 2017
Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent has admitted she's worried her strong Mancunian accent is presenting her from bagging presenting work

Brooke Vincent thinks she needs to tone down her accent to get presenting work.

The 'Coronation Street' actress would love to turn her talents to fronting TV and radio shows but thinks her strong Mancunian tones would get in the way of landing her dream jobs.

She said: "I'd like to do some presenting but I'd have to work on my accent,

"I like being myself and I like talking. That's why I think I'd like working on the radio too."

And the 24-year-old actress is also keen to learn a new skill on a reality TV show.

She said: "I'd like to do something like 'Strictly Come Dancing' where you get to learn a skill."

But for the time being, Brooke - who recently returned to her 'Corrie' role of Sophie Webster after a break to work in theatre - has signed a new year's contract with the show and is looking forward to the near future on the cobbles alongside Helen Flanagan, who plays her screen sister Rosie Webster.

She said: "I just don't think Sophie is done yet. I think if I was to go, it would have to be at the right time and I think at the minute it's not.

"Plus I've just had Helen back and us two being back together will open different doors for storylines as well."

And the brunette beauty knows what she'd like to see happen to her character.

She told OK! magazine: "I think I'd like to see her go a bit crazy - something to get my teeth into.

"Now I've come back from doing my play, I've seen a different way to work on things, so I think I'm just excited for my next storyline, whatever it is.

"It's a chance to do it with the things that I've learnt while I've been away."

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