Mario's pillow talk

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  • 10 June 2008

Mario and Lisa hugging

Mario and Lisa talked about Dennis' "games" in bed this morning (10.06.08).

The lovebirds - who were reunited on Sunday (08.06.08) after a secret 'Big Brother' task to keep their relationship a secret was rumbled - discussed the camp dancer under the covers.

Beefcake Mario said: "Let the game commence. Dennis is playing a massive game."

The couple said Dennis - who pranced around the living area in a pair of bright blue pants when Big Brother sounded the alarm this morning - secretly wants to lead the group.

Mario added: "Some people are attention seekers. People like to think they're the leader. Leadership is about taking control.

"This is a marathon not a sprint. People will fight for 'I'm the biggest, I'm the hardest and I'm the strongest.

Lisa - who appeared on BBC's 'Kitchen Criminals' where she pushed judge John Burton Race's head into her tuna bake - suggested the arguments may be sparked by housemates getting frustrated by the low food supplies.

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