Romesh Ranganathan set for new BBC2 show

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  • 27 March 2017
Romesh Ranganathan

Romesh Ranganathan

Romesh Ranganathan is expected to be star of new BBC2 show which will rival ITV's 'The Nightly Show'

Romesh Ranganathan is expected to front a new BBC2 show to rival ITVs 'The Nightly Show'.

The 39-year-old teacher-turned-comedian features in two of three pilots that are being filmed for the channel - giving the star a 66 per cent chance of landing the main role on the US-style late evening topical comedy series, according to The Mirror newspaper.

More than a year ago, BBC2 chiefs started the search for a series to follow in the footsteps of Channel 4's '11 O'Clock Show' with the view to broadcast weeknights at 10pm to encourage "live viewing on the day" giving the programmes an "unmissable quality".

The comedian said: "Americans have done that kind of thing so well for such a long time. And we search bits out over here, people are always saying 'Did you see the thing on Corden or 'The Daily Show' or 'Saturday Night Live'?. There's an appetite for it but for some reason we haven't done it that much."

But he knows the pressures that face a show of this kind.

He said: "Over here we're in our pyjamas by nine-ish. A show would have to be incredible for me to stay up really late to watch it. You'd be thinking 'how can this be better than bed?'"

And his involvement in the BBC2 show is said to be the reason he didn't star on ITV's 'The Nightly Show' - despite being asked.

Instead, the likes of John Bishop and David Walliams were among the comedians involved.

Romesh explained: "With something like that, I'd want to be across it completely and to have written everything I say. And I just didn't have the time. You'd have to devote a lot of time to those monologues - I wouldn't want to go in feeling undercooked or like I was doing it half-heartedly. And I'm a stand-up so you want to do jokes that are personal to you, that you've written."

TV bosses have not yet decided who will front the show but a decision is expected soon.

Romesh joked that if he's not involved, he'll see it as "a damning indictment on my future".

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