Nicholas Burns learned a lot working on The Crown

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  • 26 March 2017
Nicholas Burns

Nicholas Burns

Nicholas Burns loved working on 'The Crown' because he learnt so much from the production

Nicholas Burns learned a lot working on 'The Crown'.

The 39-year-old actor - who is best known for comedic roles in the likes of 'Benidorm', 'Nathan Barley' and 'The Mighty Boosh' - has a role in one episode of the upcoming second season of Netflix's big budget drama series, and found it an incredibly different experience to anything he'd ever done before.

He said: "I was playing an MP in one episode, who was involved in the sewers crisis.

"It was great, they couldn't be more opposite, 'The Crown' and 'Benidorm'.

"There's great attention to detail in both but 'The Crown' is a whole new level, the budget is huge they've got so many resources, everything about it is brilliantly planned and executed, sets, costumes, it's a completely different beast. I love doing something very different to what I usually do, it was a real challenge.

"I got to work with some great actors and I loved it.

"I had scenes in Downing Street, it was an incredible experience, everything about it was bigger than anything I'd worked with, it was amazing.

"I'm used to doing comedy and you sit around and make each other laugh but this was a much more. It's weighty, serious stuff, you approach it in the way you want it to work, but most of the people I worked with are known for drama, it was great to watch them work and see how they did it, and hopefully I've learned from that."

And Nicholas doesn't think fans of the first series of the Queen Elizabeth biopic will be disappointed by what's in store in season two.

He told BANG Showbiz: "It leads off from where the first series ended, no more Churchill, it goes in to the sewers crisis and into the 60s I think.

"We start to meet people like JFK, it's a really interesting period of history and I think it will get more and more interesting, I loved the first series, it was completely brilliant, but so much happened in the next 10 years of the queen's reign, it's going to be brilliant."

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