Jamie O'Hara: Things are 'cool' between Bianca Gascoigne and I

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  • 25 March 2017
Jamie OHara

Jamie O'Hara

Jamie O'Hara insists things are "cool" between him and his former flame Bianca Gascoigne

Jamie O'Hara says things are "cool" with his former flame Bianca Gascoigne.

The pair enjoyed a romance of sorts in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house but decided to go their separate ways when they left the famous abode and Jamie insists there is no bad blood between them.

He told The Sun Online: "When I got out I needed to take a step back, I had a lot of stuff going on out of the public eye and I wanted to take time to deal with that.

"She wants us to be cool, she understood my situation. A lot of things that go on in my life are out of the public eye. She knew I needed I needed to step away and take time out. Now we're moving on as friends."

The former couple went their separate ways back in February and Bianca claimed at the time that she hadn't been able to sleep after Jamie publicly dumped her.

She said: "I've had a really hard time, I've not been sleeping because of my anxiety and the whole thing ... I've actually just booked a holiday. I'm going away later just to clear my head. I'm going to turn off my phone. I'm just not sleeping. I think it's because it's still fresh."

Jamie had previously took to social media to reveal how he wanted to get back together with his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth-Jayne Tierney.

He wrote: "The reason I left it with Bianca was because after I got out and sat down and looked at the whole situation I realised that it wasn't for me, I have a lot going on in my life and she had a boyfriend and he was devastated about the situation. I didn't know the full extent of the situation until I got out and saw everything, as a man I didn't think it was the right thing to do, I didn't do anything wrong I didn't make any gain out of it. As for my ex we split up a while ago, I reached out to her because I realised she's an incredible person and having time apart made me realise what an amazing woman she is and I was lucky to have her in my life. Will she be with me again? I don't know, but as a man all I can do is try."

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