Nicholas Burns to return to Benidorm?

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  • 25 March 2017
Nicholas Burns

Nicholas Burns

Nicholas Burn made a brief return to 'Benidorm' in 2014 but has admitted he's really like to make another appearance soon

Nicholas Burns wants to return to 'Benidorm'.

The 39-year-old actor departed his role of Martin after three series in 2009 but made a brief return in 2014, and would jump at the chance to make another appearance in Derren Litten's popular sitcom.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "They asked me [to return in s6] and I'd always wanted to come back, I thought it was a great storyline to come back on a stag do, it just gave me another opportunity to play Martin and have some pretty excruciating scenes, it was fun.

"I definitely would [go back again], I think they're shooting series 10 now, it just started filming.

"I'd love to go back in but at the minute I don't think there's any sign of it."

But Nicholas admitted he is always surprised when show bosses announce a new series of the show but thinks showrunner Derren just can't help but keep writing.

He said: "Every series I think is gonna be the last one because Derren said years ago it would be the last one, but he misses it and is so good at writing it, new characters come in and he finds it impossible not to do it, it just rolls on."

And the actor treasures all his memories of working on the show because he had a great time and it felt more like a "big holiday" than work.

He added: "It was such a fun job, it was like being on holiday. When it first started we didn't know what it was, I'd never been to Benidorm before, the scripts were great, it was in the sun and everyone in it was great fun.

"It was genuinely like being on holiday, some scenes you were just called to be in the background, on a sunbed, getting a tan.

"So that's what I miss, it was like a big holiday. It felt like you weren't in the real world, but it was great."

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