Lisa Riley says food is 'the enemy'

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  • 23 March 2017
Lisa Riley

Lisa Riley

Lisa Riley revealed on 'Loose Women' she's terrified she'll gain weight after having 'corrective surgery' following her incredible weight loss and says food is 'the enemy'

Lisa Riley says food is "the enemy".

The 40-year-old actress shed 10 stone through a healthy diet and exercise but admitted following surgery to cut away a stone in excess skin, she's terrified she'll pile on the weight again.

She said: "Five weeks ago to the day I was there on the operating and I'm feeling unbelievable.

"I'm 12 and a bit stone now and I'm still just getting used to it... Food has become the enemy."

Lisa rubbished claims she opted for plastic surgery and said it was necessary to go under the knife because she was in so much pain from the flaps of skin "jiggling" around.

Speaking openly on ITV's 'Loose Women' about her surgery, she said: "There is is a sense of vanity, like 'Oh you're choosing to have this, it's elective surgery, it was my decision. But in my head, I did not have plastic surgery. I had corrective surgery. I couldn't go on as I was. Everything was moving and jiggling around. I'd go to my zumba class and things were moving and it was so painful.

She went on: "People would say, 'you've lost so much weight' and I'd be like, 'you have no idea what is going on underneath.'

"I'd be in my yoga class and I couldn't do certain poses because I had this big mound here. Now it's flat as a pancake."

Lisa now has pockets of fluid in her legs following her surgery and has been ordered by doctors to rest a much as she can which has blighted her exercise regime.

She said: "'I've done nothing this week.' I've got these two seromas in my legs. It's a build up of fluid and it's weeping daily. So I have to sit down and lay down as much as I possibly can."

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