Alexandra's food fight

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  • 10 June 2008

Alexandra chatting in the house

Rachel burst into tears last night (09.06.08) after Alexandra launched a scathing attack.

'Big Brother' nasty Alexandra blasted sweet-natured Rachel after the Welsh beauty tried to stand up for ditsy Rebecca who burned the dinner.

Alexandra said: "I hate martyrs. Trying to look like a martyr won't help you.

"If she had shut her mouth and let me talk to Rebecca, then she wouldn't be crying right now."

Alexandra's wrath began by telling Rebecca she shouldn't have wasted the chips and let professional chef Rex do the cooking.

She said: "People aren't using common sense. Don't pretend that you don't understand, don't act simple. Don't act so thick."

Spiteful Dennis added: "Food is the most important thing. If you can't cook why the f**k would you go in the kitchen and f**k it all up for 15 other people?"

After the row - which went on until the early hours - Rachel fled to the Diary Room sobbing.

Afterwards, 19-year-old Steph told Alexandra the way she was speaking to people was inappropriate.

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