Lorde teases 'lethal dose' of new music

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 March 2017


Lorde has teased her fans that she is about to release more new music from her eagerly-awaited second album 'Melodrama' soon

Lorde is set to drop a "lethal dose" of new music for her fans soon.

The 'Royals' hitmaker took to Twitter on Tuesday (21.03.17) to reply to comments from her 4.6 million followers about the songs that feature on her forthcoming album 'Melodrama'.

In reply to a fan with the user handle, @fireroark, who asked, "Please inject more meledrama DIRECTLY into my veins @lorde (sic)", she wrote back: "mmmmmmm hm lethal dose coming soon ...... (sic)"

The 20-year-old singer also teased that the next song, which follows lead single 'Green Light', is called 'Liability' and is her "favourite song" she has ever written and sounds like nothing she's done before.

She added to the micro-blogging site: "Fine tuning the plan for the whole year - holy s*it you guys have no idea there's so much cool stuff coming ... All these beautiful insane moments AH you are going to die ... and the music ... this next song is like my favourite thing I've ever done it truly sounds like nothing I've heard in the best way (sic)"

The brunette beauty is set to release 'Melodrama' in June and, although she's keeping the details under wraps for now, she recently teased that the songs are "tight."

She said: "The record is called 'Melodrama'. [On number of songs on the album] It's tight like my last one, I like to keep them small."

Lorde is also preparing for her upcoming performances and is certain they will be "sick."

She said: "It's gonna be a big one. It's gonna be so sick. We're working with the sickest people on the show and doing all these festivals and awesome bits of TV. And it's gonna be... oh my God I can't wait for you to see it. I'm so excited!"

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