Glasgow Open House Arts Festival hosts events in artist's bedrooms, bathrooms and back gardens

Glasgow Open House Arts Festival hosts events in artist's bedrooms, bathrooms and back gardens

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Glasgow's eagerly anticipated DIY arts festival boasts over 50 exhibitions and 25 events across five days

Glasgow's art scene prides itself on its grassroots, self-starting ethos: rather than waiting around for big galleries to come knocking, the city's artists set up their own projects, collectives and artist-run spaces and make their own luck. Many of these have now become part of the city's art infrastructure.

One of the most recent to do so is Glasgow Open House Arts Festival, where artists across the city simply open the doors of their homes over a long weekend and stage exhibitions and events in their bathrooms, bedrooms and back gardens (plus the occasional office and shop front). The festival is now biennial, alternating with Glasgow International.

With over 50 exhibitions and 25 events in the programme, projects by art students sit shoulder to shoulder with established names. Marvin Gaye Chetwynd and her partner Jedrzej Cichosz will host screenings of films by acclaimed director Joanna Hogg in their southside flat, while running a discussion group on the British class system in the kitchen. Ceramic artist Kevin Andrew Morris is building a hot tub in his garden, and invites visitors to take a dip, help stoke the wood-fired kiln, or browse a selection of wood-fired ceramics. Visitors to Glasgow Tool Library can spend a day building household structures out of recycled materials, while Alison McBride and Giovanni Giacoia aim to give visitors a taste of what it feels like to be an alien in a foreign land by inviting them to communicate in any language other than English (phrase books and signs will be available to help, and there will be cake).

Glasgow Open House's Sonia Hufton hopes this year will build on the success of the previous two festivals. 'It's a great opportunity to share a large audience with a lot of people in a way that would be quite difficult to get on your own. It's also a great way to get more opportunities to show your work.'

Various venues, Glasgow, Fri 28 Apr–Sun 1 May

Glasgow Open House Arts Festival

Emerging and established contemporary artists who live in Glasgow open the doors of the city's domestic and disused spaces, to reveal a program of exhibitions, performances and events.