Jennifer's toilet troubles

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 9 June 2008

Jennifer laughing on the sofa

Jennifer wants separate toilets for girls and boys in the 'Big Brother' house - to cure her constipation.

The stunning model and mother-of-one confessed to Lisa she hasn't emptied her bowels since she entered the house.

She explained she couldn't sit on the loo long enough through fear of someone walking in on her as the door has no lock.

She said this afternoon (09.06.08): "It's not so bad at night. During the day I'm terrified that someone is going to walk in on me."

Bully Alexandra said the idea of separate toilets was "fair enough" because Mario, Luke and Mikey use their lavatory, despite sleeping in the luxury bedroom.

Exercise addict Lisa suggested her fellow housemate take some laxatives, but Jennifer was unsure.

Jennifer said: "Won't they just make me go, go, go?"

As an alternative, Lisa advised Jennifer to exercise and said if she ran around the garden she would soon be able to go the toilet.

Lisa added: "I know Mario does his crunches when he needs to go."

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