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  • 19 March 2017
Kasabian cover Q magazine

Kasabian in Q

Kasabian's "really positive" new album is about "saving guitar music from the abyss"

Kasabian's new album is about "saving guitar music".

The group will release their long-awaited sixth, as-yet untitled, LP later this year, and guitarist and songwriter Serge Pizzorno has promised the record will be "really positive".

He said: "Tom (Meighan, singer) was really happy because it's a feel-good album. It's about saving guitar music from the abyss. Because it's gone, they're great songs to sing, they were made for him, for that.

"It's way less in your face, a really positive album in a time when there's very little. This is our contribution."

But Serge admitted the record isn't like much that's around in the current charts because of his unusual influences and inspirations.

He added to Q magazine: "This is a different head. This is my problem. The biggest pop star on the planet is Ed Sheeran but in my head it's (former Can singer) Damo Suzuki. Or Hibiscus from the Cockettes. That's my reality and I much prefer it, thank you."

The 'Fire' rocker admits writing songs can be a "hard" profession because he can go days without feeling inspired and like he's trapped in "hell", but it's all worth it when he finally pens something he's happy with.

He said: "It's always hard. As a writer, when it comes, those are the greatest days of your life, when you're just a vessel.

"The majority of days, you can't even get chord you like and you're in hell.

"Seriously, you think, 'I hate the guitar, I want to make weird BBC radiophonic sci-fi records with no structure and Russian orchestras."

And Serge doesn't understand why people take his band so seriously.

He said: "There's so much comedy in what we do. Our first single was called 'Club Foot', come on.

"We're psychedelic kids from f***ing Leicester. When it gets taken seriously, you think, 'You're part of the joke now pal.' You can't fool people for six albums, you really can't."

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