Robbie Williams to release new album on YouTube

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 March 2017
Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams will release his next album, 'Under The Radar Volume 2', on YouTube

Robbie Williams will release his next album on YouTube.

The 43-year-old singer is planning to release a number of tracks which did not make it onto his last record, 'The Heavy Entertainment Show, as a compilation titled 'Under The Radar Volume 2'.

A source told The Sun: "Robbie has the songs recorded and ready to go. The tracklisting for 'The Heavy Entertainment Show' was meticulously picked by him as he wanted it to have a certain sound but he has loads of great music still in the vault.

"There's also intriguing stuff left over from previous albums that fans will want to hear.

"After previously keeping his fans waiting so long for new music he wants to keep them interested."

Meanwhile, Robbie recently blasted modern pop stars as "boring" because they don' take drugs and diss one and other.

The 'Mixed Signals' singer thinks it's "weird" that artists aren't as rock 'n' roll as they used to be, with antics which were all the rage in the 90s such as trashing hotel rooms and feuding with your peers - like he did with his rival Liam Gallagher - all going out of fashion.

He said: "We were a different breed back then [in the 90s] - cussing and dissing and needing to say things in order to be interesting. I don't think people do that now. It was expected of everybody to be drunk and off their face on cocaine. People don't do that now - it seems so f***ing weird ... If people did that now, it would just look a bit sad. I think it just depends what drugs are out there at the time. What's out there at the moment? Ketamine? Or am I out of date on that?"

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