Amanda Redman got Good Karma from gym

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  • 18 March 2017
Amanda Redman

Amanda Redman in The Good Karma Hospital

Amanda Redman has revealed one of her favourite things about shooting 'The Good Karma Hospital' in Sri Lanka was that she got to run on a treadmill which overlooked the Indian Ocean everyday

Amanda Redman says the best part of filming 'The Good Karma Hospital' in Sri Lanka was getting to use a gym which overlooked the Indian Ocean.

The 59-year-old actress plays Dr. Lydia Fonseca in the ITV drama which has just been commissioned for a second series after the first run ended last weekend.

Before beginning a long day of shooting, Redman would get up early to hit the treadmill and get some energising exercise whilst taking in the idyllic view of the sea.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, she shared: "I always go to the gym, they had a gym on site so I would go before filming. The gym helps me de-stress and forget about the role. It's rather nice being on the treadmill and looking out on the Indian Ocean, that's preferable to looking out over West Ealing or someone in very tight Lycra!"

Although she was raring to go at the start of each day, Redman admits the shoots were gruelling due to the stifling heat of the South Asian country and in the evenings she had no energy to out and enjoy the sites of Sri Lanka and instead opted for an early night for most of the three months she was there.

She said: "I'd already been to Sri Lanka, so I'd done a lot of the tourist-type things so my down time on 'Karma Hospital' was spent working on what was coming up the following week and then resting because it's quite tiring shooting in that heat, you have to keep your energy up as best you can.

"I don't change schedule per job, I just try and do the things I normally do ... We had very early starts and long days and so at the end of the day I would just go back to the hotel have something to eat and go to sleep."

Redman starred in the programme with Amrita Acharia as Dr. Ruby Walker, James Floyd as Dr Gabriel Varma and Neil Morrissey as Greg McConnell.

'The Good Karma Hospital' is available now on DVD from RLJ Entertainment's Acorn label.

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