Future's honest album

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 17 March 2017


Future says he "put everything out there" on his new album and wanted to be as a real as he could

Future "put everything out there" on his new album.

The 33-year-old rapper unveiled his sixth studio LP late last month and wanted to be as real as possible with it.

He said: "On 'Hndrxx', I just put everything out there, I put everything on the line. I've got to be who I am. I'd rather for them to know who I am than for me to fake the person that I'm not. I'd rather take a chance on me than gamble on something that's not me ...

"I've been sad before, so why not make something that's sad? If people in their life are sad, it's not a bad thing. They can relate, like, 'Damn, he feel like I was feeling.' You feel like you're not alone. You can relate to the poorest person on earth. They can feel like they're not alone in this and they feel like I've either been through this or I'm a great-ass storyteller."

And the 'Used to This' hitmaker wants to "go for the impossible" to show others it is important to "set your own destiny".

He told The Guardian newspaper: "Anything is possible. They probably didn't think a black man could make two No 1 albums in two weeks. You've got to set your own destiny and go for the impossible. That's what we do, man. We take risks.

"I'm not supposed to make a black album because they say a black album won't win a Grammy? We'll just make another one until we change their impressions and change their thoughts. We could be the first one.

"I want to be the first one to change everyone's mentality. How did you do it? I did it because I never give up. We're the ones that go harder when they say we can't do it. We find ways around things. We made a way when there wasn't a way."

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