Steph and Dom for Strictly Come Dancing?

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  • 17 March 2017
Steph and Dom

Steph and Dom

'Strictly Come Dancing' are reportedly eyeing up 'Gogglebox's Steph and Dom for the new series and will be tuning into their performance as Cher and Meatloaf for 'Let's Sing and Dance for Comic Relief' to see how they fair on the stage

'Strictly Come Dancing' bosses want to sign 'Gogglebox's Steph and Dom for the new series.

The team behind the BBC One programme are reportedly keen to secure the outspoken couple for the latin and ballroom show as they think they could be a hit with viewers and would provide humorous dance sequences like politician Ed Balls did during last year's series.

A source said: "They're great characters and everyone loves watching them just when they're sat on their sofa.

"Dom has the potential to provide great routines like Ed did and Steph would be fantastic going up against the judges."

The couple will perform as Cher and Meatloaf in 'Let's Sing and Dance for Comic Relief' over the weekend and 'Strictly' bosses will no doubt be tuning in to see if they would be good for the show.

The insider added to The Sun newspaper: "They're definitely on the list and this weekend's show is a great way to see how they look on stage."

Meanwhile, the 'Gogglebox' stars previously opened up about their home life, admitting they sleep in separate bedrooms.

They said: "We sleep in different bedrooms. If you want your marriage to last, we heartily recommend it - we've been doing it for 15 years. We both have different sleeping patterns, so this is the best way for both of us."

The pair also debunked rumours they are always drunk as they are regularly seen having a tipple on the show.

They added: "Despite what people think, we're not permanently hammered. We don't hide the fact we love a drink, but we're not alcoholics, otherwise we wouldn't be able to function. Why should you be embarrassed if you like a tipple in the evenings?

"Filming 'Gogglebox' has become our date night. We've been on it three years and we love it just as much as at the beginning, it's our downtime. We film three nights a week - we usually start at 3pm and don't finish 'til late evening."

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