Lily Allen's mother-morphosis

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  • 9 June 2008

Lily Allen

Lily Allen is terrified she is turning into her mother.

The 'Smile' singer - who travelled to the US this weekend to finish work on her new album - is so worried she is showing the same traits as her mother Alison it is making her feel sick.

She wrote on her blog: "We did go to my favourite sushi place last night, Ita-cho on Beverly. The miso eggplant (aubergine) is to die for, and the grilled peppers were pretty killer. 'To die for, killer?'

"Oh my god, I think I am getting old and uncool, I just used naff adjectives to describe something I like. Like my mother saying, 'groovy' or 'yumsville'. Oh my god I'm going to be sick! I hope that was the jet lag talking."

Lily also revealed she was treated to a ride in an airport buggy.

She added: "They drove us to the gate on one of those buggy things as well, which was really fun, never been on one of those before. I don't think all the business men liked us very much, some pink haired weirdo!"

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Lily Allen

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