Secret task failed

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  • 9 June 2008

Alexandra speaking out at wedding

Mario, Steph, Lisa and Luke all face eviction from the 'Big Brother' house.

The foursome were set the task of convincing the rest of the contestants that Mario and Steph were a couple and to conceal the muscle man's real relationship with Lisa.

But the jig was up after housemates correctly guessed the real lovebirds at the fake wedding yesterday (08.06.08).

After the ceremony, Big Brother announced there was a secret couple in their midst and gave the rest of the house one minute to come up with the correct names. Some suggested Steph and cocky Dale were the real item.

But 'best man' Mikey correctly came to the right conclusion.

Bully Alexandra - who officially objected to the nuptials - proclaimed they were victorious and told 'bride' Steph she had worked it out 48 hours ago.

She also praised 20-year-old student Luke for his performance during the task.

Alexandra said: "I can't get over how good you were, you were good. I had nothing on you."

Luke - who works part-time as a wrestling ring announcer - said he was just pleased that the secret was over.

Churchgoer Sylvia later told Luke she didn't want him to be the first to leave.

She said: "I hope you don't go. Just try and enjoy yourself."

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